First Adventure of 2015

For over a year, I have been planning and preparing for my study abroad trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. After all the chaos of getting a passport and planning for the trip, I am finally ready. My flight leaves New Years Eve and we will land (hopefully) in Mexico just in time for a party and fireworks. I will be staying in Oaxaca until the 16th of January and I am really looking forward to the adventure.

During the trip, we will spend some of the time at Hotel Azucenas, a bed & breakfast and the other portion of our time at what is called a home-stay. We will be traveling to the famous Monte Alban and a hot springs while in Oaxaca, among many other ‘ma and pop’ coffee shops and restaurants. The studying part of being abroad will be spent in a classroom aiding the teacher with art.

I am most nervous for the culture and language barrier of the host family at our home stay. I am very excited to try their coffee and see the Mexican classrooms. Stay tuned for more about my Oaxacan adventure!


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Hannah Spear is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Superior who is studying elementary education.

5 thoughts on “First Adventure of 2015”

      1. Hey quick question, I asked Kathy this already, but she didn’t seem to think we needed paper copies of our flight ticket(s)? I’m guessing the airport prints them out or does that all electronically now days? I haven’t flown since I was 16.


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