First couple days

Hola! Yesterday night (New Years eve) we arrived around 9:30 pm and were able to get to our hotel right away. Our hotel is called Villa Del Campo and its a small and simple place.

We went out to the Zocalo (plaza) for New Years and ate at a nice restaurant. I was happily surprised to see that all of the shops and restaurants don’t have doors and they are just open air. They also have a tradition here where they fill egg shells with confetti and throw them. It’s really fun!

At the restaurant we ordered Mexican food and one of our group members got fried grasshoppers. I tried one, barely. It’s very crunchy but they are seasoned so that you can only taste the seasoning. Interesting!

Today, New Year’s Day, we had breakfast at a nice place with an open roof. After that, we toured a Mascal making place and got to taste 3 different kinds. Strong!!

We went to dinner at a home in Oaxaca that made mole (spiced sauce with coca) and tres leche cake. Sooo yummy!

Tonight, we have free time. I am walking town with group members and we just stopped at a cafe with wifi because I can’t get wifi in my hotel at all.

I’m hoping to blog about more later on and I will post pictures on Facebook! Happy new year (:


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Hannah Spear is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Superior who is studying elementary education.

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